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The Robe of Skulls by Vivian French

syndetics-lcLooks may be deceiving with this title! The Robe of Skulls by Vivian French may look creepy, but it is really a lighthearted fantasy.  Lady Lemorna wants a new dress but doesn’t have the money to pay for it so she comes up with a crazy plan to turn some princes into frogs and make their parents pay her to turn them back.  Only Prince Marcus escapes being turned into a frog, and now he must save his brother with the help of some talking bats and a brave new friend.  If you enjoy funny stories about princes, magic, and adventures, this book is for you!

Book reviewed by Keary B., Youth Collection Specialist Librarian

By MPPL on May 11, 2009 Categories: Fantasy, For Grades 4-6, Funny, Picks by Keary B.

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