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Staff Picks 4 Kids

Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine & a Miracle by Major Brian Dennis

syndetics-lcThis true story is amazing! Nubs was the leader of a pack of dogs in Iraq when he met Major Brian Dennis at one of the United States Marine bases. Although Marines weren’t allowed to have dogs, Major Dennis treated Nubs as if he was part of his family. He fed part of his meals to Nubs, let him sleep next to his bed, and took care of his wounds. However, soon Major Dennis had to leave for a different base 70 miles across the freezing desert and leave Nubs behind. Nubs decided that he wanted to stay with his new family though, and travelled 70 miles across the desert, but what will happen when Major Dennis goes back to the United States? Check out this true animal story that is also a 2014 Bluestem Nominee.

Book reviewed by Laura B., Youth Technology Librarian

By lbos on October 21, 2013 Categories: For Grades 2-4, For Grades 4-6, Non-fiction, Picks by Laura B.

Tales for Very Picky Eaters by John Schneider

syndetics-lcJames is a very picky eater. He finds broccoli disgusting and milk repulsive. There are also many other foods he does not like, but Dad knows that James need to eat and drink these things. After all, we wouldn’t want to hurt the troll’s feelings that lives in the basement and makes the family’s food. This 2014 Monarch nominee book is great if you are just starting to read chapter books. The chapters are short and there are some really funny pictures. Also, James’s dad comes up with some great ideas for why James needs to eat his food.

Book reviewed by Laura B., Youth Technology Librarian

By lbos on September 30, 2013 Categories: Early Readers, For Grades 2-4, Funny, Picks by Laura B.

Mimi and Maty to the Rescue, Book 1: Roger the Rat is on the Loose! by Brooke Smith

syndetics-lcMimi loves to rescue animals, She has rescued birds, butterflies, and even her dog, Maty.  When Mimi’s Aunt Bee sends her a notebook and Maty a new bandana, Mimi and Maty decide to be the best animal rescuers in town. They get their first case when George calls and tells them that he was rat sitting Roger, the pet rat of his friend, Otto, but Roger has disappeared. Also, Otto is coming home tomorrow! How will they find Roger before Otto gets home? Never fear, its Mimi and Maty to the rescue!

Book reviewed by Laura B., Youth Technology Librarian

By lbos on September 2, 2013 Categories: For Grades 2-4, Picks by Laura B., Realistic Stories

I, Emma Freke by Elizabeth Atkinson

syndetics-lcEmma Freke, spelled f-r-e-k-e, is tired of feeling like a real freak. After all, have you ever met an almost six foot tall, too pale twelve year old? Her mother, Donatella, is always on another date leaving Emma to take care of the family bead shop. Maybe she would feel normal if only she knew her dad and he was around. Her wish is granted one summer when she is invited to the Freke Family Reunion. However, from the moment Emma leaves for the reunion, nothing goes as planned, and she starts to see that maybe her life isn’t as bad as she once thought. Will Emma meet her father? Will she find a place to fit in and feel normal? Check out I, Emma Freke to find out.

Book reviewed by Laura B., Youth Technology Librarian

By lbos on July 29, 2013 Categories: For Grades 4-6, Picks by Laura B., Realistic Stories

Ghost of Crutchfield Hall by Mary Downing Hahn

syndetics-lcFlorence thought her life was going to get better when she left the orphanage for her family’s ancestral home. She would have a younger cousin, James, to play with and her great aunt and uncle could look after her. However, her other cousin and ghost, Sophia, has a murderous plan for her cousin and brother. Not knowing who to turn to in her new surroundings, Florence must try to resist Sophia, but can she? Whether read or listened to, the Ghost of Crutchfield Hall is a great ghost story worthy of any camp fire storytelling.

 Book reviewed by Laura B., Youth Technology Librarian


By lbos on April 8, 2013 Categories: For Grades 4-6, Mystery & Suspense, Picks by Laura B.

Sophia’s War by Avi

syndetics-lcSophia believes that the United States of America should be free from British rule. While her brother fights for freedom with General Washington, she lives with her parents in British occupied New York City. When her parents are forced to house a British soldier, Lieutenant John Andre, Sophia finds him quite interesting. However, when her brother ends up captured and later dies, she blames Andre for his inaction to help her family. Wanting to avenge her brother and fight for freedom, she becomes an American spy, and uncovers a betrayal and plan that could end the American Revolution with the British winning. Will she be able to let the American troops know about the plan in time? Read Sophia’s War to find out!

Book reviewed by Laura B., Youth Technology Librarian

By lbos on March 11, 2013 Categories: For Grades 4-6, Historical Fiction, Picks by Laura B.

The Blackhope Enigma by Teresa Flavin

syndetics-lcHave you ever had to babysit someone who wants constant attention? Dean is really bored and doesn’t understand why his stepsister Sunni must constantly work on her art project in the Blackhope Tower when they could be somewhere much cooler. However, Sunni is interested in the Renaissance painting she is looking at; that is until Dean suddenly disappears into the painting. Sunni and her friend Blaise must go in the painting after Dean to save him. Can the trio survive the paintings labyrinths, monsters, and pirates? Will they ever get out of the painting or are they stuck in there forever? Read The Blackhope Enigma to see what happens!

Book reviewed by Laura B., Youth Technology Librarian

By lbos on February 18, 2013 Categories: Fantasy, For Grades 4-6, Picks by Laura B.