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Staff Picks 4 Kids

Alabama Moon by Watt Key

syndetics-lc  Can you imagine living alone?  Now imagine living alone in the forest, and you are only 10 years old!  In Alabama Moon by Watt Key, Moon has lived in the forest for as long as he can remember. He and his dad survived by hunting, growing food and making everything that they needed.  After the death of his parents, how will ten year old Moon survive?  How will he escape the law?  Why did his dad hate the government?  Most of all, how will he handle being alone for the first time in his life? If you enjoy adventure books, this is a great book about survival, trust and friendship.

Book read by Carol C., Elementary School Liaison

By MPPL on November 10, 2008 Categories: For Grades 4-6, Picks by Carol C., Realistic Stories

The Willoughbys by Lois Lowry

syndetics-lcFans of Lemony Snicket are sure to enjoy The Willoughbys by Lois Lowry.  This book has everything you could imagine including horrible parents, unusual children who want to be orphans, a millionaire candy maker, a clever nanny and a baby left on the doorstep!  For a wickedly amusing tale, check out this book and don’t forget to read the glossary for a good laugh, too!

Book read by Carol C., Elementary School Liaison

By MPPL on July 13, 2008 Categories: For Grades 4-6, Funny, Picks by Carol C.

Soupy Saturdays With the Pain and the Great One by Judy Blume

syndetics-lcMeet first grader Jake, aka “The Pain,” and his third grade sister Abigail, aka “The Great One”.  These lovable, funny characters first appeared in a picture book over 20 years ago and now they are the stars of Judy Blume’s Soupy Saturdays with the Pain & the Great One. If you have a brother or sister, I bet that you can relate to the humorous sibling rivalries that occur over haircuts, bike riding, soccer, and birthday parties.  Jake even tries to wash a dog with his shampoo and brush the dog’s teeth with, of course, his own toothbrush.  Yuck!  Early readers can enjoy the short chapters and the adorable illustrations that truly bring the characters to life.

Reviewed by Carol C, Elementary School Liaison

By MPPL on February 26, 2008 Categories: Early Readers, For Grades 2-4, Funny, Picks by Carol C.