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I, Emma Freke by Elizabeth Atkinson

syndetics-lcEmma Freke, spelled f-r-e-k-e, is tired of feeling like a real freak. After all, have you ever met an almost six foot tall, too pale twelve year old? Her mother, Donatella, is always on another date leaving Emma to take care of the family bead shop. Maybe she would feel normal if only she knew her dad and he was around. Her wish is granted one summer when she is invited to the Freke Family Reunion. However, from the moment Emma leaves for the reunion, nothing goes as planned, and she starts to see that maybe her life isn’t as bad as she once thought. Will Emma meet her father? Will she find a place to fit in and feel normal? Check out I, Emma Freke to find out.

Book reviewed by Laura B., Youth Technology Librarian

By lbos on July 29, 2013 Categories: For Grades 4-6, Picks by Laura B., Realistic Stories

Where I Live by Eileen Spinelli

syndetics-lcWhere I Live by Eileen Spinelli is a novel in poems written by a young girl, maybe about 9 years old. She writes about her house, her family, and most of all her best friend, Rose. She is devastated when her father loses his job and they have to move to Pittsburgh and live with Grandpa Joe. The poems vary in length and style, and some are much deeper than others. The pencil illustrations add to the story.

Book reviewed by Erin E., Youth Services Programming Coordinator

By lbos on July 22, 2013 Categories: For Grades 2-4, Picks by Erin E., Realistic Stories

Maximilian & the Mystery of the Guardian Angel: A Bilingual Lucha Libre Thriller by Xavier Garza

syndetics-lcHave you ever heard of Lucha Libre, the style of wrestling from Mexico? Max is obsessed with lucha libre, and with his favorite luchador, el Ángel de la Guarda, or the Guardian Angel. Max thought he was in for a boring summer of truth or dare and driving around in Old Ironsides, his dad’s ancient car. Then the luchadores come to town, and he discovers that he has a surprise connection to el Ángel de la Guarda which will change his life forever. Read this funny and exciting book to find out what happens!

¿Has escuchado de lucha libre, que viene de México? Max está obsesionado con lucha libre, y con su luchador favorito, el Ángel de la Guarda. Max piensa que será un verano aburrido de verdad o atrevemiento y andando en el carro anciano de su padre, Vieja Locomotora. Bueno hasta que los luchadores vienen a su pueblo, y el descubre que tiene una conexión sorprendente al Ángel de la Guarda, que cambiara su vida para siempre. ¡Lea a este libro chistoso e interesante para ver lo que pasa!

Book reviewed by Claire B., Outreach Coordinator

By lbos on July 15, 2013 Categories: For Grades 4-6, Picks by Claire B, Spanish

The Time Warp Trio: Knights of the Kitchen Table by Jon Scieszka

syndetics-lcIf you like funny adventures, you should read The Time Warp Trio: Knights of the Kitchen Table by Jon Scieszka. While Joe, Fred, and Sam are eating lunch, they decide to read, THE BOOK, Joe’s last present from his magician uncle. The boys think they are just going to read a story about King Arthur and his knights, but when they open THE BOOK, they are magically thrown into the story! They are confronted by the Black Knight and have to figure out how to get back home. Funny, thrilling, and a quick read. First in the series. Suggested for grades 3-5.

Book reviewed by Anne W., Youth Services Assistant

By lbos on July 8, 2013 Categories: For Grades 2-4, For Grades 4-6, Funny, Picks by Anne W.

Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke

syndetics-lcVery lively narration brought this orphan story to life on the audiobook. A detective is trying to track down two boys that have run away to Venice to get away from their snooty aunt. The boys find shelter with other orphans who are cared for by the “Thief Lord,” who turns out to have a lot of secrets. The story is full of adventure, interesting characters, and a hint of magic.

Book reviewed by Erin E., Youth Services Programming Coordinator

By lbos on July 1, 2013 Categories: For Grades 4-6, Mystery & Suspense, Picks by Erin E.