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Pie by Sarah Weeks

PieAfter Polly Portman’s unexpected death, the town of Ipswitch discovers a major loss to the community–her award winning pies!  Polly’s crust recipe was secret.  According to her will, the recipe for the crust is left to her disagreeable cat Lardo. Her niece Alice inherits the cat and a lot of trouble. Suddenly, the entire town is in an uproar when its residents find out that replacing Aunt Polly’s claim to fame is not as “easy as pie.” When Lardo is cat-napped, Alice and her friend Charlie take matters in their own hands as they try to figure out who is after the recipe. Not only will you love reading Pie, but Sarah Weeks shares fourteen pie recipes she has gathered from all over the country.  This book is a sweet treat you will not want to miss.

Book reviewed by Marsha D., Youth Services Assistant

By bjones on August 28, 2012 Categories: For Grades 4-6, Funny, Picks by Marsha D.

A Braid of Lives edited by Neil Philip

Braid of Lives A Braid of Lives edited by Neil Philip is a collection of writings by American Indians remembering their childhoods from about 100 to 150 years ago. Almost every other page is a huge black and white photograph of American Indian kids and parents.  The stories and pictures are both amazing!  There are funny stories about games and about getting in trouble, but also stories about what was most important to them and their families.  I thought it was interesting how in almost every story the kids just wanted to be able to do what the grownups and the bigger kids were doing, and they would work hard until they could run as fast or ride a horse as well as the others. If you are interested in how kids lived in the past in America, this is the book for you.


By bjones on August 16, 2012 Categories: For Grades 4-6, Non-fiction

Swindle by Gordon Korman

SwindleSwindle by Gordon Korman. Although he’s a kid, Griffin is known as “the man with a plan.” After being swindled out of a valuable Babe Ruth baseball card, the sale of which could have solved his family’s money troubles, Griffin knows he needs a plan more than ever. Can he assemble a team of his clever friends–talented champions in their own right–to accomplish an even bigger swindle and get the card back to the rightful owner? I liked how the kids used their unique gifts in such creative ways and how they realized the value of doing their best, no matter how large or small a part they played.

Book reviewed by Jan P., Preschool/Childcare Liason

By bjones on August 6, 2012 Categories: For Grades 4-6, Mystery & Suspense, Picks by Jan P.