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Al Capone Me Lava la Ropa por Jennifer Choldenko

Al Capone Me Lava La Ropa ¿Te imaginas vivir en Alcatraz, estar rodeado por prisioneros o más interesante aun, ¿Qué Al Capone te lave la ropa?. Al Capone Me Lava la Ropa por Jennifer Choldenko toma lugar en los años 30, en la isla de Alcatraz en San Francisco California. Esta es la historia de Moose y su familia. Su padre al conseguir un nuevo trabajo de guardia de seguridad en la prisión de Alcatraz, lleva a toda la familia a vivir en un ambiente totalmente diferente; donde grandes aventuras esperan por él.

Book Reviewed by Helgi M., Patron Assistant South Branch

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The Traitors’ Gate by Avi

Traitors' Gate John Huffam’s life in Victorian London gets dangerous when his family is thrown out of their home because of his father’s gambling debts. Now his father may go to prison, and John has to ask his rich old aunt for money,and get a job. When John encounters some strange characters—an orphan girl named “Sary the Sneak” and a man called “Inspector Copperfield”—he begins to question the real reasons for his father’s arrest. The Traitors’ Gate by Avi is an action-packed story full of twists, turns, and treachery. It will not only give you a real taste of Victorian times, but it’ll keep you guessing ‘til the end.

Book reviewed by Erin E. Youth Services Programming Coordinator


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The Notorious Benedict Arnold: A True Story of Adventure, Heroism, & Treachery by Steve Sheinkin

The Notorious Benedict Arnold Did you know that the most notorious traitor in American history, Benedict Arnold, was also one of our greatest heroes?  I didn’t!  He was one of George Washington’s most trusted generals.  He was utterly fearless in battle, a genius at strategy, and beloved by his soldiers.  Without his daring early victories, the American Revolutionary War would have been quickly lost.  But he had no political skill—he wasn’t careful about hurting people’s feelings. He was blunt, egotistical, and had a bad temper.  Some of the people he upset began to spread rumors about him (some true, some not).  He felt insulted and felt that he wasn’t getting the credit he deserved.  With his fame and power slipping away, he came up with a desperate plan that would have given victory to the British—a plan that very nearly worked. The Notorious Benedict Arnold: A True Story of Adventure, Heroism, and Treachery by Steve Sheinkin is a fast moving, easy read that you won’t want to put down.  It’s an incredible action adventure–part extreme survival story, part spy thriller–and 100% true.


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