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Truce: The Day the Soldiers Stopped Fighting by Jim Murphy

Truce World War I was a tragic war for many reasons.  It was the first war in which modern weapons like machine guns were used. Sadly, the military leaders of the time would not change their tactics—they still expected soldiers to overwhelm the enemy by charging as a group directly at the enemy’s position.  Not only were casualties horrific, the whole war could have easily been avoided if not for the ambitions of a few world leaders.  But when Christmas day came in 1914, something amazing happened. The soldiers simply stopped fighting. In Truce: The Day the Soldiers Stopped Fighting, Jim Murphy does a great job of explaining World War I so clearly that you can easily understand how the soldiers felt when they called their own truce on Christmas Day.



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The Reinvention of Moxie Roosevelt by Elizabeth Kimmel

syndetics-lc Moxie Roosevelt Kipper is a pretty ordinary girl with an extraordinary name.  In The Reinvention of Moxie Roosevelt by Elizabeth Kimmel, Moxie decides to reinvent herself when she starts at a new boarding school.  She uses many different personalities depending on the group of friends she encounters.  She is earthy and green for the environmental friends, cool when she is with her cool group, and sporty to fit in with the athletes.  It can get pretty confusing keeping track of these numerous personalities, so she writes all of her notes in a journal which may not be the best idea.  This is a funny and realistic book that may make you realize that it is easier to just be yourself!

Book reviewed by Carol C., Elementary School Liaison


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50 Ways to Save the Earth by Anne Janekliowitch

50 Ways to Save the Earth If you’re in search of ways you can help preserve and protect our Earth, then you should pick up a copy of 50 Ways to Save the Earth because it’s full of great ideas.   Tip number 15 suggests using recyclable paper when wrapping birthday or holiday gifts as one way to conserve paper.  To make the wrapping paper even cooler you could always personalize it with your own decorations.  Not only are there things you can do at home, but there are also tips on how you can respect and limit your impact on nature, like keeping your dog on a leash while you’re walking to prevent any wildlife from being frightened or not throwing litter in gutters or streams because it pollutes animals homes and our water supply.  If you’re looking to take action now to protect the earth then fill your head with green ideas by checking out this book today!

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Spaceheadz by Jon Scieszka

Spaceheadz Attention those of you who have traveled with the Time Warp Trio! Attention any of you who suffered along with the class in the Math Curse! You may decide that Spaceheadz–the latest offering by Jon Scieszka–is not quite up to his best, but you will be the best judge.

Michael K, a newly arrived 5th grader, meets two other newcomers–Venus and TJ. Newcomers? I’ll say! TJ and Venus are aliens from another planet, and they’re here to make Spaceheadz out of 3.14  million + 1 earthlings or else they will turn off (whatever that means–doesn’t sound good, does it?) our whole planet! Are you willing to become one of the 3.14 miilion +1 and become a Spacehead? Maybe you won’t have a choice!  For more Spacehead adventures, check out the 2nd and 3rd books in the series.

Book reviewed by Loreen S., Youth Services Assistant


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