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Cocinando para el Bebé por Lisa Barnes

Cocinando para el Bebé


Este libro cuenta con una compilación de recetas saludables y sabrosas para bebes, las recetas estan categorizadas adecuadamente conforme el crecimiento que van llevando los bebes de 0 a 18 meses.

El libro completamente ilustrado y con capítulos de colores te ayuda a tener la información necesaria así como ideas para la alimentación de tu bebe.

Este titulo está también disponible en ingles Cooking for Baby

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Museum of Thieves

Museum of Thieves

Museum of Thieves

In the city of Jewel, children are escorted by a silver guardchain from the moment they learn how to walk, and are attached securely to their beds at night–how else could the city keep its precious children safe?  But Goldie Roth is tired of living chained to her parents, and when Separation Day is abruptly cancelled, she runs away! Now free to roam the city, but with nowhere to go, Goldie discovers Jewel’s most ancient secret: the Museum of Dunt. As she learns about the darker sides of her city, she will need all of her boldness to protect that secret, and the lives of everyone in Jewel.

This is the first installment in a fantastical, dystopian tale for a younger crowd!
If you like books like this, check out these: Inkheart by Funke, C. and The Sixty-eight Rooms by Malone, M.
by Allison S.
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