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Mi pequeña enciclopedia Larousse hadas y princesas

¿Qué diferencia hay entre una hada y una princesa?

61tQgs5feiL__SL500_AA300_Hadas y Princesas Mi pequeña enciclopedia Larousse, te ayudara a conocer las diferencias entre ellas, el cómo visten, donde viven, los tipos de hadas y princesas que hay. Disfruta esta encantadora enciclopedia aprendiendo sobre algunos de tus personajes favoritos.

By hmarroquin on August 31, 2011 Categories: Books, Nonfiction, Youth


La cocina de eva

Si usted tiene una pasión para cocinar, a continuación, podrá disfrutar del nuevo libro de cocina de Eva Longoria – La cocina de Eva. Desde salsas hasta postres, las recetas de Eva traerá amigos y familia a la mesa. ¡No sólo son recetas fáciles de seguir, tambien cuenta con fotografias a color!

By jperez on May 23, 2011 Categories: Books, Food and Drink, Nonfiction

Time for Kids Almanac 2011

Time Almanac
The Time for Kids Almanac 2011 is packed with interesting facts, lists, and quizzes.  You can study this book to study useful facts about the countries of the world or how the U.S. government works. For fun, read about dangerous critters (p. 24), cool new inventions (page 141), and an interview with Justin Bieber (p. 156).

By jchristen on April 20, 2011 Categories: Books, Nonfiction, Youth

Human Body by Linda Calabresi

Human body Take a 3-D journey inside of the human body and discover how the amazing body works.  From the human heart that pumps the blood to the futuristic bionic body, the Human Body will wow you.

By jperez on January 31, 2011 Categories: Books, Nonfiction

Chicago Bears: The Complete Illustrated History

The Chicago Bears are having a great season (so far)! If you’d like to learn more about their history, famous players, and memorable games, check out Chicago Bears: The Complete Illustrated History. This book is full of pictures and facts describing everything from the team’s founding in 1922 by George Halas to their 1985 Super Bowl victory with coach Mike Ditka to current day players and enduring rivalries. You’ll learn all you every wanted to know about “Da Bears.”

By jchristen on January 20, 2011 Categories: Adult, Books, Nonfiction, Young Adult


Ahorrar no significa que tienes que hacer grandes sacrificios. En Como ahorrar sin perder la cabeza encontraras amplia informacion con tips para ahorrar y poder darte otros lujos.

Este libro cuenta con sencillos y utiles consejos para el ahorro diario de la vida cotidiana, ademas la autora incluye chistes que te haran mas entretenida la lectura.

By jperez on January 12, 2011 Categories: Books, Nonfiction

Tales of the Cryptids

Cryptids Have you ever glimpsed something strange out in the woods or in the water? You might have spotted a cryptid. Cryptids are mysterious creatures that may or may not exist. In Tales of the Cryptids, you can read all about legends of famous creatures like the Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabras, and Bigfoot.

By hmarroquin on December 23, 2010 Categories: Books, Nonfiction, Youth

Cut Your Energy Bills Now

Whether you live in a house or apartment, you can find many helpful tips in Cut Your Energy Bills Now. This book has full–color pictures and instructions for more than 150 simple projects, such as installing compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) or sealing gaps around windows and baseboards. Finding ways to save energy around the home can help save money every month and reduce your home’s impact on the environment.

By MPPL on October 20, 2010 Categories: Adult, Books, Nonfiction

A Bad Case of the Giggles

61+LxK07P7L__SL500_AA300_ If you like silly things,

Give these poems a try.

I’ll bet if you read just one,

You’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry!


By jperez on September 23, 2010 Categories: Books, Nonfiction, Youth

A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer


A Child Called It is a remarkable story of a young boy who is brutally abused emotionally and physically by his alcoholic mother.  Read through Dave Pelzer’s courageous journey as he escapes the violence that almost left him dead.  This story will give you a different perspective on life.

El niño sin nombre es una extraordinaria historia de un joven que es brutalmente abusado física y emocionalmente por su madre alcohólica. Lea la trayectoria de Dave Pelzer como escapa de la violencia familiar que casi lo dejaron muerto. Esta historia le dará una perspectiva diferente de vida.

By jperez on August 31, 2010 Categories: Adult, Books, Nonfiction, Young Adult