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SpongeBob Laugh ‘n’ Ride

Laugh 'n' ride : a SpongeBob joke book

Laugh 'n' ride : a SpongeBob joke book

 Do you know what a tortoise with a camera is called? Well to find out, you need to read SpongeBob Squarepants Laugh ‘n’ Ride: A SongeBob Joke Book.  Join the entire town of Bikini Bottom as SpongeBob and Patrick take their quest to the Annual Jellyfishing Convention telling their collection of travel-themed jokes.

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Afrodita : cuentos, recetas y otros afrodisíacos


Como su  título nos dice: cuentos, recetas y otros afrodisíacos son lo que encontraras en este libro de Isabel  Allende. Isabel Allende con ayuda de Carmen Balcells, su madre y Robert Shekter;  aportando “afrodisiacas” recetas y sensuales ilustraciones respectivamente. Nos traen este libro que hombres como mujeres disfrutaran.

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Feed by M. T. Anderson

Book cover for Feed by M.T. AndersonThe time is the near future and mostly everyone is connected to a constant live Internet feed; from watching online television to video chatting and texting, the Feed is the way to live. Life on the Feed is all fun and games until a computer hacker shuts down the Feed, causing the world of many to be turned upside down. But when Violet’s feed is brutally interrupted, her friend Titus tries to do everything in his power to help get her feed back up and running.  Read or listen to Feed by M.T. Anderson and ask yourself: Is this the future you want?

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