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I Spy with My Little Eye by Edward Gibbs

I spy w my little eye What do you spy with you little eye? Do you see a blue whale swimming in the ocean or is it a red fox hiding in the grass? Read I Spy with My Little Eye and discover what animals are peeking through the pages.  This is a great book for children to learn animal names and colors.

By jperez on September 26, 2011 Categories: Books



El chavo en caricatura tambien vive en un barril, adentro de una vecindad.
Pero de igual manera sigue siendo ocurrente y divertido.

El chavo es una serie comica Mexicana de television. Con una historia  creada para la audiencia infantil, pero en general adultos como niños lo pueden disfrutar.

By hmarroquin on September 20, 2011 Categories: Film

Sally Goes to the Vet

Sally Sally Goes to the Vet. Sally is playing in her yard when she falls and bumps her head. She is rushed to the vet, where she is examined and treated by the doctor. Children and adults will both appreciate this book’s detailed illustrations, and children may even be inspired to be brave when they go to the doctor.

By jchristen on September 10, 2011 Categories: Books