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Archive for December, 2010

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Cover_the_lost_symbol Immediately finding himself in an ancient conspiracy, Robert Langdon needs to use his skills and knowledge of symbols to find the hidden secrets of Washington, D.C. From hidden corridors and chambers underneath the city to shadowy temples and tunnels, The Lost Symbol / El Simbolo Perdido will take you on a journey.

By jperez on December 31, 2010 Categories: Adult, Books

Tales of the Cryptids

Cryptids Have you ever glimpsed something strange out in the woods or in the water? You might have spotted a cryptid. Cryptids are mysterious creatures that may or may not exist. In Tales of the Cryptids, you can read all about legends of famous creatures like the Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabras, and Bigfoot.

By hmarroquin on December 23, 2010 Categories: Books, Nonfiction, Youth

Sleep Dealer

Sleep dealer

 TRAFICANTE DE SUEÑOS / SLEEP DEALER es una película que no puede dejar de ver. Toca temas de inmigración pero en un tiempo futurista. Excelentes actores y drama que lo envolverá y adentrara en la historia.

By hmarroquin on December 15, 2010 Categories: Adult, Film