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Finance & Investment Newsletters

The following newsletters are found on the periodicals rack in the Business Section. They are kept in binders and are interfiled alphabetically with the journals. Generally, one year’s worth of issues are available. Note: Those titles with an asterisk are kept behind the Information Desk.

100 Highest Yields weekly: finance

Computerized Investing (from AAII) bimonthly: investments

Fidelity Advisor (Don Dion’s Fidelity Independent Advisor) monthly

Hulbert Financial Digest (from CBS Marketwatch) monthly: investment

Mark Skousen’s Forecasts & Strategies on Inflation, Taxes and Government monthly: economics, finance biweekly: mutual funds, investments

The Moneypaper monthly: finance, investments

Morningstar Fund Investor* monthly: investments, mutual funds

Morningstar Mutual Funds* bimonthly: mutual funds

No-Load Fund Investor bimonthly: Illinois taxes

Northwest Tax Watch Newsletter monthly: taxes

Outlook (Standard & Poor’s)* weekly: investments, stocks

The Prudent Speculator monthly: investments

Trendline weekly: stocks (held at Business Table)

Value Line Investment Survey* Small & Mid-Cap Edition weekly: investments, securities, small cap stocks

Value Line Investment Survey* Standard weekly: investments, securities

Value Line Investment Survey* Selection & Opinion weekly: investments; securities