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Recycle Old Holiday Lights

Don’t know what to do with those strings of broken or unused holiday lights?  Recycle them! Several communities have joined with the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC) to recycle strings of unused or nonfunctioning lights and extension cords.  Garlands, live greens, wreaths and other non-recyclables are not accepted.  In Mount Prospect, you can recycle  your holiday lights at Public Works (1700 W. Central Road) from 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. on weekdays through February 11.  Please call 847/870-5640 for more information.

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Choose Your Tree: Deciding between a real or artifical Holiday Tree

Have you debated with others (or possibly yourself) about which tree is more environmentally friendly, a real tree or a fake tree? While no 100 percent clear answer can be made, there are some important factors to consider before purchasing your tree.  Check out this site for further information:

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Conventional Turkey vs. Organic Turkey

Do you plan on making a turkey this year for Thanksgiving dinner? Did you know that poultry in the United States is not allowed to receive hormones, but that conventional turkeys may receive antibiotics and animal byproducts, and one of the common “growth promoters” given to turkeys can result in arsenic being harbored in the turkey’s liver? Conventional turkeys labeled as “self-basting” are often injected with butter or fat, broth, water, and other seasonings to help make them
flavorful. If you want to avoid these ingredients, or control what you are putting into or on your turkey, consider buying an organic bird. If you want to spend a little extra money, look for a “heritage turkey” which is descended from early domesticated turkeys and full of flavor.

For more information on selecting and cooking your holiday turkey, or to locate a nearby farm, visit:
Consumer Reports Greener Choices “Talking Turkey”
Eat Well Guide
Local Harvest
Heritage Turkey Foundation

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Holiday Lights Recycling

Bring in your working or non-working incandescent holiday lights into Home Depot between November 4-14 for safe recycling, and receive a $3 off coupon on energy star LED lights.

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Have a Green Halloween

Make your own costume from things around the house – old clothes, game pieces, sport team items, something from the recycling bin, etc., or purchase items from a resale shop.  
If make-up is used instead of a mask, purchase non-toxic or hypoallergenic cosmetics.  
After using costumes, trade with a friend, start a “costume closet” at  school, church or home to share next year, or donate the costumes to a favorite charity.  
When buying candy, look for treats with minimal packaging – or give pencils, erasers or money.  
Send your children out with a reusable bucket, canvas bag or pillowcase.  
Don’t be a litter bug, dispose of candy wrappers in your bags, buckets or trash cans along the way.  
Stay local to trick-or-treat, bike, wagon or carpool.  
Use rechargeable batteries in your flashlight for trick-or-treating.  

Don’t throw away the pumpkin seeds – bake and eat, or put outdoors for the birds and animals.  
Put a soy or natural beeswax candle in your Jack-o’-lanterns, or use a battery-operated light, with rechargeable batteries, of course.  
As your pumpkin grows old, put in your yard for animals to eat, or put into compost pile.  
Make your own luminaries from old cans with a pattern of hole punches.  
Keep Halloween decorations from year to year so you don’t need to purchase new ones each season.  
If you are hosting a Halloween party, used reusable dishes, tableware, cups napkins, etc.  Serve from a pitcher instead of individual bottles and  cans.Make a mystery punch with your favorite juices/pop, and add dry ice for a spooky effect. Instead of paper invitations, send an electronic  invite to your guests.

From SWANNC’s September E-Newsletter

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