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Solar-Powered Boat Makes Second Voyage Across the Atlantic

PlanetSolar, maker of the world’s largest solar-powered boat, Tûranor, completed its second voyage across the Atlantic on May 18. Tûranor completed the 2867 mile voyage from Las Palmas, Spain, to St. Martin in the French West Indies in 22 days. For more information, and some cool pictures, take a look at the article featured on Earth911.

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Gardening with Food Scraps

Do you have a clove of garlic that has sprouted, or potatoes with eyes? Think twice before you toss them in the trash, as you can use these items to grow more! Yes, you can grow garlic, potatoes and even pineapple, all from scraps! Check out this article from Earth911 to learn more about gardening with food scraps. Some of these foods might surprise you!

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Chemical Free Home Landscaping

See below for links to materials related to the May 13 program: “Chemical-Free Home Landscaping,” presented by Sarah Neville from the Midwest Pesticide Action Center.

ChemicalFreeLawnCare –this is the powerpoint she presented.






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Chicago Green Festival

Looking for something to do Saturday, May 18 or Sunday, May 19? Check out the Chicago Green Festival at Navy Pier (600 E. Grand Avenue, Chicago). The festival includes eco-fashion exhibits, hands-on workshops, live music, and much more. Also be sure to check out the Green Marketplace, which features products and services from local and national green and sustainable businesses and organizations.

The festival hours are Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information visit the Green Festival Chicago website.

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Eco-friendly Kitchen Tips from the Food Network

The Food Network has 10 Eco Friendly Kitchen Tips on their website.  Here are just a few ideas that offer some very simple ideas to help make a difference.  
Keep an eye on the “9.”
If the numbered stickers on fruits and veggies start with the #9, that means your produce is organic and free of pesticides.
B.Y.O.B. – “bring your own bag.”
More and more supermarkets are selling reuseable shopping bags.  Take advantage of this option and stop using plastic bags whenever possible. 
Grill it!
You can reduce the cost of Air Conditioning bills by grilling outdoors.  An outdoor grill not only takes less energy than your stove but also helps keep heat out of the house.
Chill out.
Another way to save cooling and electicity costs is to fill empty space in your refrigerator or freezer with crumpled newspapers or full water bottles.

 To see the entire list  go to the Food Network: 10 Eco Friendly Kitchen Tips


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