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Seeds, Seeds, Seeds!

Are you looking for some new seeds to grow in your garden this year? Have you heard about Seed Savers Exchange, which is a non-profit organization that “saves and shares the heirloom seeds of our garden heritage” in hopes of saving some endangered seeds from being lost to future generations. Through Seed Savers Exchange you can order seeds for a variety of different plants including vegetables (check out the tomoatoes!), herbs, and flowers. Some of the seeds are even certified USDA Organic! Interested in visiting the farm, located near Decorah, Iowa? Visitors are welcome April through October.
For more information on ordering seeds or visiting the farm, visit Seed Savers Exchange

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Home Weatherization Grants

The Village of Mount Prospect is offering matching grants up to $1500 for home weatherization projects to the residents of Mount Prospect.  Projects that can be funded by the grants include: roofing; weather stripping; energy efficient windows; floor, attic and wall insulation; and energy efficient furnaces and water heaters.  Applicants must have owned and occupied home one year prior and gross household income must not exceed HUD’s low-income limits according to household size.  For more information including  income limits please visit:

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