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Find Information about Food Recalls

When recalls of contaminated foods hits the news, it often leaves consumers wondering what is safe to eat. Do you want to know what food products are being recalled, why they are being recalled, and when? Check out the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service Recalls site for information about food recalls across the country.

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Green Guide Families

Green Guide Families: the complete reference for eco-friendly parents by Catherine Zandonella

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If you want to work towards being an eco-friendly parent then National Geographic’s Green Guide Families is a great place to start.   You might think buying organic produce is too expensive, but this book provides many tips for ways to buy organically on a budget.   Not sure whether using cloth or disposable diapers are better for the environment? The debate is settled in chapter six.  Making use of any of the tips or strategies in this book is one step towards becoming a much greener and eco-friendly family.

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