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Read and Play

Peek-a-boo by wells You can help your baby develop print motivation by encouraging an interest in reading through positive, fun experiences with books.  One way to do this is by acting out parts of a story, such as playing peekaboo while reading the book, Peek-a-boo by Rosemary Wells.  Babies love this game.  Check out one of the Library’s other peekaboo books and have fun playing at home! 

–Tip by Erin E., Youth Programming Coordinator


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Learning About Books and Print

Tana hoban When you’re picking out books to read with your child, try choosing one with pictures of real things, like an apple or a ball.  Show your child the picture of the object and then show the real thing.  This will help your child develop the concept that pictures represent real things, and, later on, the concept that written words represent real things.  This is all part of print awareness

–Tip by Renee N., Library Assistant

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