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Wordless Books

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Vocabulary means knowing the names of things and learning new words.  Wordless books with pictures can help you talk about new objects or even concepts with your baby.  Try one by Tana Hoban.

–Tip by Michelle T., Youth Outreach Liaison

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The More We Get Together

Toddler tunes

Toddler Tunes: 26 Classic Songs for Toddlers

The early literacy skill of phonological awareness means learning about sounds in words.  Singing songs with your baby, such as “Old MacDonald” or “The More We Get Together,” is a great way to emphasize this skill because in songs each syllable may have a different note. Without thinking about it your child is hearing words being broken down into parts.  The Library has a multitude of CDs with classic children’s songs… check one of these out!

Raffi singable songs  Singable Songs for the Very Young by Raffi

–Tip by Renee N., Library Assistant



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