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Read and Play

Peek-a-boo by wells You can help your baby develop print motivation by encouraging an interest in reading through positive, fun experiences with books.  One way to do this is by acting out parts of a story, such as playing peekaboo while reading the book, Peek-a-boo by Rosemary Wells.  Babies love this game.  Check out one of the Library’s other peekaboo books and have fun playing at home! 

–Tip by Erin E., Youth Programming Coordinator


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Environmental Print

Stop sign Throughout the day, you can help your children see the relationship between written and spoken words by pointing out environmental print, such as signs and labels.  For example, even if your children can’t read the word “STOP,” they can associate the symbol of the sign with the meaning of the word.  This is a way of developing print awareness—one of the six early literacy skills that help children get ready to read.

–Tip by Brad J., Youth Technology Librarian


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