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Build Positive Interactions With Books

Print motivation means being interested in and enjoying books.  Try keeping some books in with your baby or toddler’s other toys if you don’t already.  That way when they go to play they can also choose a book.  This is one way to build positive interactions with books and encourage print motivation.

–Tip by Keary B., Youth Collection Specialist

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The Banging Book

Banging book The Banging Book by Bill Grossman is all about noises and sounds.  Phonological awareness is about sounds in words, so making noises to go along with the sounds in books will encourage this early literacy skill. Use this book or others like it with a small instrument like a drum or tambourine and have your little one bang along with the story.

–Tip by Michelle T., Youth Outreach Liaison

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Print Awareness

My book box Print Awareness means learning about books and print.  When children are young, they treat books as they would any other toy.  This means they put them in their mouths, explore them by pushing and pulling, and become interested in the pictures.  Keep some books in your child’s toy box.  Let your child handle the books and talk about what you see in the pictures.  This will help your child develop print awareness. 

–Tip by Mary S., Youth Services Department Head

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