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TaskRabbit, Postmates and Cherry

New ways to post and reply to odd job requests include using smartphone apps like TaskRabbit, Postmates and Cherry.

Brad Stone, senior writer for Bloomberg Businessweek, shared his experiences on a recent NPR program, Marketplace.

By Patricia Smolin on September 15, 2012 Categories: Employment, Jobs, Technology

Selected Mobile Wireless Service Providers

The FCC produced its annual Mobile Wireless Competition Report last year, graphing various statistics regarding mobile wireless service providers and national usage.  Among the mass amounts of data collected, this analysis produces measurement of price level and usage trends, types of mobile devices, operating systems, and applications purchased and used by consumers.

By Patricia Smolin on September 10, 2012 Categories: Consumer, Technology

Google Drive vs. Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync, and Others

Google has just introduced “Google Drive” an online storage service. For an overview of  it and comparison to 12 of the other most popular online storage servers:

By julie collins on May 10, 2012 Categories: Technology

Making the Most of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social media tool most thought of when it comes to professional networking.  But beyond creating an account, there are many users who underutilize its features.  To help direct you to the online training that will boost your profile and help you actively reach business contacts, please take a look at their Learning Center.  There you can easily find user guides and suggested steps for using LinkedIn as a job seeker. You may also register for one of their weekly and free webinar training sessions by clicking on Training Resources.

Another helpful site to create a resume using LinkedIn is from Inbound Marketing.

The Library continues to order current titles on different applications of social media and choosing which best serves you in your job search.

By julie collins on February 25, 2012 Categories: Employment, Jobs, Technology