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Spot Goes to a Party

Spot Goes to a PartyIn the book Spot Goes to a Party by Eric Hill, you can tell when the character is talking because it is written in a speech bubble. Point to the words they are saying as you read them. This helps your child understand that you are reading the text and helps develop print awareness.

–Tip by Barb M., Youth Programming and Outreach Assistant


By eemerick on October 28, 2013 Categories: Print Awareness

Here We Go Again…

Hooray for Thomas!Fostering a child’s interest and enjoyment of books and reading is called print motivation and is one of the early literacy skills. Letting a child pick a book to read helps promote this skill. Children frequently will pick a favorite story to read over and over and over again. It’s only natural that you would get tired of it. Remember that children learn by repetition though, and it is important for them to have positive experiences with books. Perhaps that can help as you read your child’s favorite book yet again.

–Tip by Keary B., Youth Collection Specialist


By eemerick on October 14, 2013 Categories: Print Motivation