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Bright Stanley

Bright StanleyPrint awareness is learning that print has meaning and that words represent real things. Children like books that have pictures of objects that are familiar to them. In the book Bright Stanley by Matt Buckingham, while Stanley may swim in the ocean, he is a fish, something that many children are familiar with. When you read this book, talk about fish and where you see them in real like (like in the fish tank at the Library). By doing this, you are showing children that pictures represent real things.

–Tip by Laura B., Youth Technology Librarian

By eemerick on July 22, 2013 Categories: Print Awareness

Go on a Nature Walk

I See SummerDeveloping narrative skills will help children be ready to read. To get your children talking, read the book I See Summer by Charles Ghigna and then go on a nature walk with them. Have them point out all the things they are seeing while walking. Then, Before bedtime, have them recollect what they saw earlier. They can even draw a picture of their nature walk with you!

–Tip by Carol C., Elementary School Liaison


By eemerick on July 8, 2013 Categories: Narrative