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Snip Snap!: What’s That?

Snip Snap!: What's That?Having your child say a repeating phrase with you throughout the book keeps him or her involved. For example, in Snip Snap!: What’s That? by Mara Bergman, each time you ask, “Were the children scared?” your child can answer, “You bet they were!” This is one way you support print motivation.

–Tip by Barb M., Youth Programming and Outreach Assistant

By eemerick on December 24, 2012 Categories: Print Motivation

Playing With Sounds

Dog's Colorful Day: A Messy Story About Colors and CountingIn the story Dog’s Colorful Day: A Messy Story About Colors and Counting by Emma Dodd, each time dog gets another spot of color it is accompanied by a sound like “Swish” or “Splurt.” Have your child make these sounds with you as you read. Having children hear and make different sounds like this helps them to be able to play with the different sounds of the English language and will help them later when they are trying to sound out words to read. This is part of the skill of phonological awareness.

–Tip by Erin E., Youth Programming Coordinator

By eemerick on December 10, 2012 Categories: Phonological Awareness