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Describe Things

All Sorts of ClothesPart of narrative skills is being able to describe things. For example, when you talk about the colors and shapes and textures of your child’s clothing, or what kinds of things your child’s toys do, it gives your child new words. Embellishing your descriptions of events of the day may help children recall an experience and the words associated with it. Researchers say participating in these activities will make it easier for your child when it comes time for formal reading instruction.

–Tip by Jan P., Preschool/Childcare Liaison

By eemerick on June 25, 2012 Categories: Narrative

Alphabet Books

Alphabet AnimalsMany alphabet books do not have a story that goes in order. When you share that kind of alphabet book with your child, you do not need to read it from beginning to end. Farms ABC: An Alphabet Book by B.A. Hoena and Alphabet Animals: A Slide-and-Peek Adventure by Suse MacDonald are two examples of alphabet books without stories. Let your child choose a page that looks interesting to him or her. Let them trace the letter with their fingers and talk about the letter and the pictures that go with it.

–Tip by Carol C., Youth Programming Assistant

By eemerick on June 11, 2012 Categories: Letter Knowledge