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Zorina Ballerina

Zorina BallerinaYou can help your child understand words they that they may not know by offering a little explanation as you go along. If you prefer, you can explain these words before you start the book. Research notes that the more words your children know and understand, the more vocabulary they have, the easier it will be for them when they begin to read. When you read Zorina Ballerina by Enzo Giannini, be sure to explain the definitions of words like “glamorous,” “rehearsal,” and “caravan” to your child as you read.

–Tip by Julie D., Elementary School Liaison

By eemerick on April 30, 2012 Categories: Vocabulary

Duck, Duck, Goose

Duck, Duck, GooseWhen we play along with the storytime theme, by doing rhymes and songs that reinforce the books we read, we are helping to transfer the words, ideas, and energy of storytime into children’s lives. By making books and related activities fun, we are motivating children to want more. That’s print motivation! You can do this at home by reading a story to your child then doing another activity, like a song or rhyme, that is about the same thing.

–Tip by Keary B., Youth Collection Specialist

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Retelling Stories

All of MeWhen we talk about a story after reading it, we are helping children to remember what they heard. Using props to retell a story after you’ve read it can be a fun way for children to remember and internalize stories. You can use puppets or props around the house to act out a story. This strengthens comprehension and narrative, two skills that are important for success when your child is learning to read, and throughout his or her education.

–Tip by Claire B., Youth Outreach Coordinator

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Dinosaurs Galore!

Dinosaurs Galore!Ask us to help you find some non-fiction books about dinosaurs! We can all learn new words and new things together from these books. Dinosaurs Galore! by Giles Andreae is a non-fiction book that has fun pictures and mentions many different types of dinosaurs, their special features, and the pronunciations.

–Tip by Carol C., Youth Programming Assistant

By eemerick on April 1, 2012 Categories: Vocabulary