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Environmental Print

Go! Go! Go!In some books, you can find text in the pictures, showing examples of environmental print, like the signs and labels we see around us every day. Pointing these out to your kids, and asking them to help you find them, helps to reinforce the early literacy skill of print awareness. In Go! Go! Go! by Roxie Munro, each scene has two spreads. The first is just an illustration, but there is a sign or label within the picture that you can point to or that your child can help you find. The second spread has text you can read aloud as part of the story, as well as a flap you can fold out to show the action that’s happening.

–Tip by Erin E., Youth Programming Coordinator

By eemerick on January 23, 2012 Categories: Print Awareness

Puppies, Puppies Everywhere!

Puppies, Puppies Everywhere!Books like Puppies, Puppies Everywhere! by Cat Urbigkit demonstrate the specific names for things, like the difference between puppies and dogs. This helps your child learn new words and to better understand differences between similar things. While reading with your child, as well as in your day-to-day speech, point out the difference between baby and adult animals, and other different words. This is one way to increase children’s vocabulary.

–Tip by Claire B., Youth Outreach Coordinator

By eemerick on January 9, 2012 Categories: Vocabulary