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Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently proposed rules regarding net neutrality or an open internet. They are seeking public comments to assist them in making these very important rules.

From the FCC website:

The FCC has previously concluded that broadband providers have the incentive and ability to act in ways that threaten Internet openness. But today, there are no rules that stop broadband providers from trying to limit Internet openness. That is why the Notice adopted by the FCC today starts with a fundamental question: “What is the right public policy to ensure that the Internet remains open?”

Initial comments to these proposed rules opened on May 15 and will close on July 15. Replies to comments will be open until September 15. Comments (termed “filings”) may be submitted on the FCC website.

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Live Customer Service

Frustrated when you can't reach a live customer service representative at Company ABC?  There are two online sources to retrieve mostly toll-free phone numbers for many of the major companies and service organizations, as well as the steps to expect in the automated attendant's menu, average wait times, and user ratings.


Dial A Human:

Both sites are monitored by actual callers who share their experiences and tips to reach a live staffperson.  Other suggestions to keep your waiting times low and receive quality service were noted today in the Chicago Tribune.