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The New Baby Calf by Edith Newlin Chase

Cover ArtI just finished reading The New Baby Calf by Edith Newlin Chase.  It is a heartwarming tale where a mother cow, Buttercup, gives birth to a feeble, young calf.  The book tells of the things that the little calf does on his small farm somewhere in the U.S or Canada.  The calf’s experiances with the geese, farmer, dogs, chickens, pigs, and even some sassy ally cats are unforgettable! Also, the pictures in the book are definently works of art.  For a cozy book to read on a cold, rainy day, try this book!

Book read by Babs

A note from the Librarian: Sorry, readers, we don’t have this book in our collection but keep on reading!

By MPPL on November 29, 2008 Categories: Picture Books

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