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The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes

The Hundred Dresses I am reading the  hundred dresses. It is really good . It is about a girl named Wanda Pentronski and her family  is poor and girls are mean to her. the most popular girl in school is Peggy. her best friend is Maddie. peggy makes fun of Wanda the most. She always asks how many dresses do you have? Wanda always said one hundred all lined up in my closet. Then one day Wanda won a drawing contest and then they decide to be nicer to her but then she moved away.

Book read and reviewed by Katrina.


By MPPL on July 27, 2009 Categories: J Fiction Books

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  1. my daughter loves this book! She got it as a gift and makes my husband read it to here every night! I think they know it by heart. Highly recommended!!!