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Trouble at the Arcade by Franklin W. Dixon

syndetics-lchardy boys secret files book 1

I like the book

Book read and reviewed by Will.

By lbos on February 4, 2015 Categories: J Fiction Books

Attack of the Nindroids adapted by Kate Howard

I am reading Attack of the Nindroids . This book is AWSOME!!!!!!!!

Book read and reviewed by John.

By lbos on January 28, 2015 Categories: Easy Reader Books

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

syndetics-lcI am reading the Book Thief. It is about this one girl from Germany and it is the time of Hitler! Back then Hitler did not like books! So in order to read books she goes the the mayors house and steals books!!

Book read and reviewed by Isabella.

By lbos on January 21, 2015 Categories: YA Books

Smile by Raina Telgemeier

syndetics-lcThis book is about a sixth grade girl who injures her two front teeth. From sixth grade to high school she faces a lot of problems like surgery,embarrassing headgear, boy friends, and friends who turn out not to be real friends. So at the end Raina finally realizes she can finally smile!

This book is a book length comic. I recommend this book for girls ages 8 to 12. It is one of my favorite books!

Books read and reviewed by Sophia.

By lbos on January 14, 2015 Categories: Graphic Novels

The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter: A Julie Mystery by Kathryn Reiss

syndetics-lcI am reading “A Julie mystery,The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter.” In the story Julie’s and Ivy’s beloved doll goes missing. A few days earlier Julie finds a note from the past. Can she solve this mystery or will the thief put the clues together first? I recommend this story to kids who love mysteries! by Kathryn Reiss

Book read and reviewed by Kailan.

By lbos on January 7, 2015 Categories: J Fiction Books

Biscuit Visits the Big City by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

syndetics-lcI read “Biscuit Visits the big city” by Alyssa Satin. I like the book because there was a dog chasing hot dogs and birds.

Book read and reviewed by Aiden.

By lbos on December 31, 2014 Categories: Easy Reader Books

Dora Goes to School by Leslie Valdes

syndetics-lcI read “Dora Goes to School” by Leslie Valdes. You should read this book because it is nice to read together and I like Dora.

Book read and reviewed by Paiton.

By lbos on December 24, 2014 Categories: Picture Books

Creepover #4: The Show Must Go On! by P.J. Night

syndetics-lcI’m reading creep over. In creep over # 4 they put on a play that’s cursed. In the end a girl falls down the stairs and goes to the hospital!

Book read and reviewed by Cate.

By lbos on December 17, 2014 Categories: J Fiction Books

Mama, Will I Be Yours Forever? by Anna Pignataro

syndetics-lcEduardo esta leyendo un libro titulada Mama Sere Tuyo Para Siempre?. Este libro se trata de dos osos mama oso y bebe oso mama oso esta aprendiendo cosas nuevas junto con su bebe oso.En el camino bebe oso le hace muchas preguntas a mama oso. Al final bebe oso le pregunta a mama oso si sera suyo para siempre.

Book read and reviewed by Eduardo.

By lbos on December 10, 2014 Categories: Picture Books

Oliver Moon’s Summer Howliday by Sue Mongredien

syndetics-lcThe book I am reading about is called Oliver Moons Summer Howliday. To begin Oliver Moon and his family are going over to Mildew Cottage to spend the summer. Oliver is very exited because the cottage was haunted and he was really looking forward to see a ghost. Next Oliver and his family explored the cottage. Oliver little sister witch baby discovered a sludge filled up pond there was a family of toads were croaking a welcome to witch baby. Finally they went in the cottage they found impressive the cockroaches spelled welcome in large letters they also found rats skittering around. Will Oliver find a ghost read Oliver Moons Summer Howliday to fimd out ?

Book read and reviewed by Yesenia.

By lbos on December 3, 2014 Categories: J Fiction Books