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Barbie Mariposa by Mary Man-Kong

Cover image for Barbie Mariposa : [a storybook]Barbie Mariposa is a Butterfly fairy she lives in Flutterfield. She goes to Shimmervale to meet the crystal fairies.

By lbos on July 6, 2015 Categories: Picture Books

The Kaos Trap (Skylanders Series) by Ron Marz, David A. Rodriguez, Alex Ness and Michael Graham

Cover image for The kaos trapSkylanders have powers and they have circles that make then strong and some swords and they fight.

By lbos on July 3, 2015 Categories: Graphic Novels

The Time of the Fireflies by Kimberley Griffiths Little

Cover image for The time of the firefliesThe time of the fireflies by kimberley Griffiths little is a great book that shows about unexpected friendship,haunting mystery,and dangerous adventure that begings with eerie phone calls on a DISCONNECTED old phone in her family’s antique Shop that then lead her into a muddy riverbank where a bunch of fireflies lead her into the past where larissa learns a tragic secret about her family and that could endanger her family…and history repeating aguinaldo.


Book read and reviewed by Lisbeth

By lbos on July 1, 2015 Categories: J Fiction Books

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Cover image for Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stoneRight now i am reading Harry Potter and the Sorceres Stone. I think it is a great book because you never know what will happen to Harry and what happens next. Once you read the first book you always want to read more!!!

Book read and reviewed by Ranya.

By lbos on June 29, 2015 Categories: J Fiction Books

Elska (Horse Diaries #1) by Catherine Hapka

Cover image for ElskaIf you are longing to enjoy a good book, I would recommend the first Horse Diaries book. It’s called Horse Diraries: Elska. The book is about a foal growing on a farm. Her name is Elska. In the story, she meets a girl named Amma who lives on the farm. The two become very close friends. Then, Elska is gifted to the neighboring farm. Elska tries to run back, but then is found and returned. The, Amma secretly goes on a ride with Elska, and Amma falls into a rushing river. If you want to find out what happens, read it or at least give it a try.

Book read and reviewed by Monika.

By lbos on June 26, 2015 Categories: J Fiction Books

All of Our Noses Are Here, and Other Noodle Tales Retold by Alvin Schwartz

Cover image for All of our noses are here, and other noodle tales

This is a very funny book. Three men stole a donkey when they wher in the market and put a man as the donkey. I give this book five stars.

Book read and reviewed by Bernard.

By lbos on June 24, 2015 Categories: Easy Reader Books

Chocolate Dreams (Candy Fairies #1) by Helen Perelman

Cover image for Chocolate dreamsI like it. It is a sweet book.

Book read and reviewed by Ieun.

By lbos on June 22, 2015 Categories: J Fiction Books

11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass

Cover image for 11 birthdays11 Birthdays is a unique book that you should read! The main characters are Leo and Amanda. They’ve had their birthdays together from age 1 to 10. On their tenth birthday Amanda overhears Leo telling his friends that having a birthday party with a girl is stupid. Since they went their own separate ways their 11th birthdays kept repeating. They found out their relatives had a big problem but it eventually got resolved, so Leo and Amanda tried to do the same.

11 Birthdays is a very hard book to put down. It’s fiction and full of humor. If you liked my book review read the book or else you’ll never find out the ending and what Amanda and Leo have to do to get life back to normal.

Book read and reviewed by Audrey.

By lbos on June 19, 2015 Categories: J Fiction Books

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Cover image for Black BeautyI think black beauty is cool. She so many adventures to new owners good and bad. You should read it.

By lbos on June 17, 2015 Categories: J Fiction Books

The Dragon Prophecy: The Fourth Adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy by Geronimo Stilton

Cover image for The dragon prophecy : the fourth adventure in the Kingdom of FantasyI was reading a Geronimo Stilton book called The Dragon Prophecy! It’s about how Geronimo goes to the kingdom of fantasy. He’s trying to find the dragon’s egg, but gets surprised when he finds out who stole the egg. Sadly,I can’t tell you who did, but, if you want to find out, you should totally read this book!

Book read and reviewed by Tea.

By lbos on June 15, 2015 Categories: J Fiction Books