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Kitchen Princess Volume 1 by Miyuki Kobayashi

Kitchen Princess Volume 1 by Miyuki Kobayashi
It is about Najika Kazami, a very cheerful girl who likes to cook. Najika was trying to look for a ‘flan prince’ who saved her when she was a little girl. All that she has to remember the ‘flan prince’ was a spoon with a ‘S’ mark on it. She studies hard when she finds out there is a boarding school with the spoons mark and she thinks her ‘flan prince’ is there. She leaves the orphan home and all her other friends to go to the school, it is called Seika Academy. She meets two boys named Daichi and Sora, they are brothers who hate each other. Najika thinks one of the boys is her prince. But at school she does not fit in because other girls don’t like her and they think she has no talent. But one girl called Akane who is a model, pretends to be Najika’s friend when she gets jealous and thinks Daichi like Najika. When Christmas comes, there is a festival party and Najika wanted to be in Akane’s fashion show, and Akane told her to make a cake. But Akane got a different cake then !
Najika was sad because no one was going to get to eat her cake and someone just throwed it at her. But Sora helped her, and in the end Akane tells Najika she hates her. After the party, Najika wants to give up but in the end she surprises the people by giving them Christmas cookies. But Akane got jealous– and after that it was winter break. Daichi was sick and Najika makes him food. He falls asleep when she is cooking the food, and Sora comes in to wake him up. But the two boys find out Najika was going to leave Seika Academy. They stop her just in time, and she tells them that she can’t stand it here anymore because it’s too sad and she wanted to make good memories not sad ones. But the boys get her to stay.
Then it is to be continued.

A note from the Librarian: This book is located in our Young Adult collection on the second floor of the library.

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