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Kitchen Princess Volume 3 By Miyuki Kobayashi

Kitchen Princess Volume 3 By Miyuki Kobayashi
It’s about a girl named Najika Kazami. She went to a rich academy to find her ‘FLan Prince’ who saved her when she was really little. She meets two brothers, Daichi and Sora who might be her prince. But while she is at the academy, she gets a call that her old teacher Hagio-sensei is very sick. Najika is very worried because Hagio-sensei is old and something bad might happen to her. So Daichi and Sora go with Najika to Hokkaido to visit Hagio-sensei. She is actually okay, and the brothers and Najika cook and have fun with her family. While they are out, back in the school Akane is getting jealous. Najika and Daichi go outside to pick some flowers, and Sora spies on them. Najika almost felled in the pond and dropped her special spoon. Daichi saved her and gives her back the spoon. Najika asks Daichi if he is her ‘Flan Prince’ and he says no. But Sora overhears and wants to tell Najika something. Back at the Lavender House they meet a new boy named Fuuta. And he isn’t very friendly and insults Najika. Najika keeps trying to be friends with him because she was just like him when she was little. They become friends and they cook with each other. FIrst Najika thinks it’s alright and that she and the brothers will go back to the Seika Academy. But one girl tells Najika Hagio-sensei is ALWAYS getting sick. Najika wants to stay at Lavender House forever, but Hagio-sensei tells her she can handel it. The brothers and Najika go back home.
THen it is continued in volume 4.

Book read by Jemi

A note from the Librarian: This book is located in our Young Adult collection on the second floor of the library.

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