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Book read and reviewed by Gary.

By lbos on June 11, 2014 Categories: Nonfiction Books

Two Great Books!

syndetics-lcGuy-Write What every Guy Writer Needs to Know


syndetics-lcSideways Stories from Wayside School

Books read and reviewed by Billy.

By lbos on June 26, 2013 Categories: J Fiction Books, Nonfiction Books

Amelia Earhart by Tanya Lee Stone

Amelia EarhartAmelia Earhart  It is such a good book. I love learning about her life. It is so interesting. I love reading about her. She must of been amazing. You should read this book to learn about her amazing journey!!

Book read and reviewed by Alexis.

By bjones on May 1, 2012 Categories: Nonfiction Books

Gone Forever: Iguanodon by Rupert Matthews

Gone ForeverGone Forever: Iguanodon by Rupert Mathews.  It was about different types of dinosaurs, types of Iguanodons.  We have the same digestive system things as them. I did like
reading it. I did not need help reading this book.

Book read and reviewed by Ocean.




By MPPL on July 28, 2010 Categories: Nonfiction Books

The Olympic Winter Games by Caroline Arnold

I recommend The Olympic Winter Games by Caroline Arnold because it has a lot of facts about the Winter Olympic Games. 

Book read and reviewed by Connor





By MPPL on June 21, 2010 Categories: Nonfiction Books

30 Second Mysteries

30 Second Mysteries I’M READING 30 SECOND MYSTERIES. I like them because they are fun to do with someone and it makes you a better thinker.

Submitted by Jamie.

By MPPL on June 22, 2009 Categories: Nonfiction Books

Raccoons by Laima Dingwall

My next book is Raccoons by Laima Dingwall. This book answers a lot of questions about these sly critters. Some of the chapters in the book are: Bandit Face and Ringed Tails, Water Play, Meet the Baby, Growing Up, A Choice of Homes, Twinkly Toes and Nimble Fingers, and Raccoon Munchies. This book is not too long, and I would sugest it as a good resource for small reports on raccoons. Check out this book!

Book read by Kevin, a star reviewer

P.S. MY ANSWER FOR the Librarian:
Chris and Ken are animals in a zoo???

A note from the Librarian: Sorry, readers, we don’t have this book in our collection but keep on reading!

By MPPL on January 16, 2009 Categories: Nonfiction Books

Nathan Levy’s Stories with Holes

Im reading Nathan Levy’s Stories with Holes. My gifted program teacher reads them to our class almost all the time! in the book are riddles where you really have to think about. here is one of the riddles – Chris and Ken are behind bars and did nothing illigal. Who are Chris and Ken and what are they in?

Book read by Jamie G., a star reviewer

A note from the Librarian: Okay, readers, let’s hear your answers!

Another note from the Librarian: Sorry, readers, we don’t have this book in our collection but keep on reading!

By MPPL on January 10, 2009 Categories: Nonfiction Books

Stone Soup retold by Marcia Brown

Stone Soup Hey, I just  heard of this cool website and I totally love it! There is so much to do on this site! The book that I read (and finished today) is called Stone Soup, retold by Marcia Brown. Marcia tells us the classic tale of Stone Soup in a cute, kid-friendly environment filled with loveable animals! Max and Molly are starving for food (and they’re pigs) when they discover a lively city on their journey filled with rats and dogs alike. Together they reunite the classy town and feast on Stone Soup! I love this book! It’s a good read!

Book read by Sophie.

By MPPL on December 18, 2008 Categories: Nonfiction Books

Dog by Juliet Clutton-Brock

Dog I read a book called Dog by Juliet Clutton-Brock. It gave a lot of info. on dogs. It talked about different breeds, how to take care of dogs, and it also gave some info. on wolves. It was really neat! Any dog lover should read this book!

Book read by Kevin

By MPPL on December 16, 2008 Categories: Nonfiction Books