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The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes

syndetics-lcI am reading the book hundred dress it’s about a girl and when she was little all of her classmates always talked about ugly she is in her clothes it really hurt her feelings so she wrote a letter to all of her classmates and told them how she felt she wrote that letter because she was moving on that day she wrote it was when she was moving. 12 years later when the girl was big she was really popular and her classmates were jelus about how famous she was she the most popular at making fancy dress and she was in the records of making hundred dress.How I Feel:I really felt bad for her at the begening but at the end of the story it was supriseing and happy

Book read and reviewed by Lasya.

How To Train Your Dragon as told to Cressida Cowell

syndetics-lcI am reading how to train your dragon you should read it if you like adventure book.

Book read and reviewed by Jack.

Minecraft Essential Handbook by Stephanie Milton

syndetics-lcThe Minecraft Essential Handbook it is really helpful. The book looks like it is mostly for X Box and the computer. At the beginning of the book you get to learn about Notch and Jeb. Then after that a little bit of history. Then the technical stuff,then controls for Computer,X Box, Pocket edition.Next comes the inventor,y then comes survival mode, and there is a creative mode. Then there is shelter and how to build a chest, then weapons, then food and heath.Next come the animals there are bats, chickens, cows ,horses,mushroom [cow],ocelot,pigs,sheep,squids,wolves. Then there are villagers and also hostile mobs.There are creepers,skeletons,zombies,spiders and ,enderman. [they are only in the computer and x box mode],slimes. There is also breeding animals. Next is armor – there is leather, iron, gold[butter], diamond.That is all for the minecraft essential handbook. I liked this book because I play Minecraft XBox and pocket.

Book read and reviewed by Mia.

Phineas and Ferb: Off the Map by Ellie O’Ryan

syndetics-lcI am reading the book called Phineas and Ferb off the map. It is about 2 kids,Phineas and Ferb who are at their grandparents house who wants to find treasures. They go to an island that was named after a pirate. So they all went into the cave and found the pirates treasure. But in the treasure there was only fake mustaches and beards.So they took all of the treasures and brought it home and gave it to everyone.

Book read and reviewed by Riyana.

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

syndetics-lcI read this book called Wonder, it is about this boy who is born with facial issues. He was always homeschooled, but then he finds out, not anymore! You probably know what would happen next at the school. Too bad if you don’t! Read it yourself to find out!

Book read and reviewed by Lea.

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