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Daniella’s Jokes

Joke #1:

Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?

Because he had no guts!

Joke #2:

Why did the lifeguards kick the elephants out of the pool?

Because they dropped their trunks!

Thanks to Daniella for the jokes!

Anna’s Joke

Why Did the dog cross the road?

To get to the barking lot.

Thanks to Anna for the joke!

Victoria’s Joke

knock knock.

Hows there?

I scream.

I scream who?

I scream for ice cream!

Thanks to Victoria for the joke!

Tom’s Joke

What does a cow say when something is marvales


Thanks to Tom for the joke!

Juliana’s Joke

Why was the blueberry crying?

Answer: “His parents were stuck in the jam!!!”

Thanks to Juliana for the joke!