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Demographic Information

Census 2010 data for Mount Prospect, IL

DP-1 Profile of General Demographic Characteristics
Includes data on Sex and Age, Race, Hispanic or Latino and Race, Households by type, and Housing Occupancy.
DP-2 Profile of Selected Social Characteristics
Includes data on School Enrollment, Educational Attainment, Marital Status, Veteran Status, Disability Status, Nativity and Place of Birth, Language Spoken at Home and Ancestry.
DP-3 Profile of Selected Economic Characteristics
Includes data on Employment Status, Commuting to Work, Occupation, Industry, Income, and Poverty Status.
DP-4 Profile of Selected Housing Characteristics
Includes data on Year Structure Built, Number of Rooms, Value of Owner-Occupied Units, Mortgage Status, and Gross Rent paid in Renter-Occupied Units.