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Superb Political Drama

Borgen DVD coverThe best television you haven’t yet discovered arrives courtesy of Denmark, and you won’t be able to look away. Stephen King declared Borgen his favorite show of 2012, and now its crisp ten-episode seasons are available on DVD. You’ll meet Birgitte Nyborg, a working mother soon to become the first female Danish prime minister. She’s a woman of good sense and decency, and one of the most fascinating themes explores whether it is possible to be in power and still remain one’s self. Tensions between professional and personal roles are probed, as well as the delicate symbiotic relationship between politics and the press. Spare, intense, and full of intrigue, this series has already become a sensation in the UK, and American audiences should race to catch up.

By Readers' Advisor on August 12, 2013 Categories: Movies and Television

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