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Street Style of the Over 60 Set

Advanced Style book coverAdvanced Style started as, and continues to be, a blog. Ari Seth Cohen wanted to chronicle the elegance, eccentricity, and charm of male and female fashion fanatics over the age of 60. Cohen roams the streets of New York City, searching for posh, panache, and those with a general flair for ensemble assembly. With permission given, Cohen photographs the most in vogue and posts them to his blog. Advanced Style is a hardcover coffee table book that collects the best of the best of Cohen’s chic fashion photography, pairing portraits with interviews and advice from his most refined and glamorous subjects

By Readers' Advisor on February 7, 2013 Categories: Books, Nonfiction

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  1. Paula says:

    I loved this book; for any baby boomer that loves the personal expression that fashion can convey, it is worth checking out for sure. Enjoy.