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Once Upon a Grimm Tale

Peter and Max audiobook coverA tale of dark whimsy and treachery, Peter & Max by Bill Willingham offers the fun of a traditional fairy tale partnered with a return to the more gruesome roots of folklore. Inspired by the successful graphic novel series, this first novel explores the rivalry between Peter Piper and his older brother Max. When the Pipers and the Peeps are trapped by villainous forces in the Black Forest, heated jealousy and terrifying danger spark repercussions on all of Fabletown for centuries to come. A fanciful and dramatic reading by Wil Wheaton spotlights the clever interplay of legends both familiar and reinvented. Embrace the storytelling experience, and try Peter & Max on Playaway.

By Cathleen, Readers' Advisor on May 14, 2012 Categories: Audiobooks, Fantasy & Sci-Fi

2 Responses

  1. camling says:

    Sounds like a good one, but you don’t have the audio book on cd, only on playaway.

    • Readers' Advisor says:

      Good news! We are also adding the book on CD to our collection. We hope it lives up to your expectations!