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Love and War at a Honky Tonk

My Give A Damn's Busted book cover Larissa owns a small beer joint in Texas. She’s not looking for love, or at least she wasn’t…until that tall, handsome cowboy walked into the bar. Hank isn’t what he seems. He’s not just a cowboy, he’s a rich cowboy. In fact, he steps into Larissa’s bar looking to spy around and buy it out from under her. All heck breaks loose when hot-headed Larissa uncovers Hank’s ulterior motives. Can two people who had a car wreck of a starting off point give themselves a second chance at love? Find out in Carolyn Brown’s fast-paced, country romance, My Give a Damn’s Busted.

By MPPL on April 7, 2011 Categories: Books, Romance

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