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Living Like Downton Abbey

Manor House DVD

If your obsession with Downton Abbey has led to you fantasize about being one of the Crawleys or among their staff, then the PBS series Manor House is a must-see! In this project, nineteen volunteers from the modern world agree to live in an Edwardian country house for three months. Not only are they without 21st-century conveniences, but they must abide by the class system and standards of behavior of the early 1900s. As the tagline claims, “There’s a place for everyone…and everyone better know their place.” The tensions between family, upper staff, and lower staff are played out in both expected and surprising ways, and you will gain a new appreciation for all. Looking for even more insight? Try the program website, the companion book, or Secrets of the Manor House.

By Cathleen, Readers' Advisor on February 18, 2013 Categories: Historical Fiction, Movies and TV, Nonfiction

4 Responses

  1. Carol says:

    Thank you for posting this! The “Downton Abbey” mania has triggered memories of these PBS reality shows. I loved “1900 House,” especially the scenes where the mother tried to wrangle with her wood stove. I also remember a group of young people living on an Edwardian estate and trying to match up and marry, but I can’t recall the name.

    • Readers' Advisor says:

      Are you thinking of Regency House Party? It sounds like fun, and we have that at the Library, too!

  2. Carol says:

    That’s it! Librarians come through again. Thank you!