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Revenge, Magic and the Fiery Pit

Sandman Slim book cover James Stark just got back from Hell. No, seriously. Stark spent eleven years as Lucifer’s pet human, cage-fighting hellions Downtown…and didn’t die. In fact, he’s a bit indestructible. Oh, he bleeds and scars, but after soaking in and suffering through the damage, Stark keeps on ticking. This is a bonus, being that Stark’s back in L.A. and ready to kill the two-faced, backstabbing friends that sent him to the underworld and killed his girlfriend. If you can’t decide if you’re more in the mood for The Crow or The Maltese Falcon, try the paranormal noir of Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey.

By MPPL on March 10, 2011 Categories: Books, Fantasy & Sci-Fi

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