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If Father Christmas Were Evil…

Rare Exports DVD coverPietari lives on a reindeer farm with his father in the far, arctic reaches of Finland and someone has slaughtered their entire herd. It could’ve been wolves, whipped into a frenzy by American archaeologists dynamiting the mountain, but it wasn’t. It was Santa and his vicious, naked elves. What the Americans dug out wasn’t a mountain…it was a prison burial mound where the fat, not so jolly man, has been trapped for centuries. Children begin to go missing and it’s up to Pietari and his father to hunt down Santus Clausium and save the world. Rare Exports:  A Christmas Tale is a horrific holiday treat for those looking for a darkly humorous, alternate history of Old Saint Nick.

By MPPL on December 8, 2011 Categories: Horror, Movies and TV

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