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George Sand Was a Woman

Impromptu DVD coverAmandine Aurore Lucie Dupin was a highly irregular nineteenth century woman who wore pants, smoked cigars in public, wrote sensational novels, and was most commonly known by her pseudonym, George Sand. Impromptu, starring Judy Davis, Emma Thompson, and Hugh Grant, is the story of Sand wooing Frédéric Chopin at an aspiring socialite’s salon in the French countryside. Sand invited herself to the salon and, to her chagrin, finds that her lovemaking is interrupted by several of her own ex-beaus and a mysterious secret admirer that grabs Chopin’s attention. The salon spirals out of control as artists vie for status and one another’s hearts in this unconventional, literary romance.

By Readers' Advisor on June 28, 2012 Categories: Historical Fiction, Movies and TV

2 Responses

  1. Carol says:

    One of my favorite movies!

    • Readers' Advisor says:

      I love literary biopics, too! Sand was such an interesting woman. If you like the fun tone of Impromptu, you might like Moliere. It is a humorous French biopic about the playwright.