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For Those That Like Costume Dramas…

These Old Shades book coverJustin Alastair makes a habit of depravity. He’s also the Duke of Avon. While walking home late one night from some indiscretion or other, a street urchin stumbles across his path. This youth has fiery red hair, dark brows and bares a suspicious likeness to the Duke’s arch-nemesis, the Comte de Saint Vire. The Duke buys the child, Leon, from an innkeeper with revenge in mind. If Leon is Saint Vire’s long lost son, Justin plans on helping restore the child’s birthright after parading him around as his page. If you want swordfights, duels, love and mystery in the Georgian era, try Georgette Heyer’s wickedly funny These Old Shades.

By Readers' Advisor on February 2, 2012 Categories: Books, Historical Fiction

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