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Diane’s Pick: Stardust

Diane D.When Tristan vows to retrieve a fallen star, played by the radiant Claire Danes, from the magical realm beyond the town of Wall, he tangles with evil witches, evil dead princes and some unique pirates. This whimsical film, based on the award winning novel by Neil Gaiman, shines brightly.

By MPPL on February 1, 2011 Categories: Books, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Movies and TV, Picks by Diane, Staff Picks

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  1. Chris says:

    Stardust is a great movie, but if you want to truly do the story justice, listen to the audio book read by the author. Gaiman does a great job of reading, he gives his characters each a distintive voice, and personality. I would highly recommend it to anyone who liked the movie.
    *Spoiler* No cross dressing pirates in the book.