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Cathleen’s Pick: Some Lessons Learned

Cathleen staff picks pictureVocal dynamo Kristin Chenoweth returns to her Oklahoma roots with Some Lessons Learned.  Tap your boots with the spirited tunes (“What Would Dolly Do?”), be touched by the sweeter ones (“Fathers and Daughters” – destined to be a wedding favorite), and replay the showstoppers (“I Was Here”) in this vibrant new release.

By MPPL on January 10, 2012 Categories: Music, Picks by Cathleen, Staff Picks

2 Responses

  1. camling says:

    I saw Kristin Chenoweth in Wicked and she was really good, but I thought her best performance was on the show Pushing Daises.

  2. Readers' Advisor says:

    I completely agree! As much as I enjoy Chenoweth in almost everything she does, nothing compares to Olive Snook.

    I miss that show.